Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taking a hike

Life goes by even when we don't do anything. Not that we could spend our life without doing anything at all. We got to breathe, may be in a distant land they have discovered a way to live without the need of breathing, I wouldn't know for sure.
Life's been a mess as it usually is. There is nothing I or anyone could do to make it simple. The simplest decision in the life leads you in to more complicated aspects of life that you wanted to avoid in the first place. When you were studying, you would've traded everything you have to do in classes to be in a job. Now after being a job for year and half, I would gladly swap places with my life of two years ago.
Being demotivated in most of the time in life makes you hate your life. Not that you have ever succeeded in any aspect of life facing it head-on. There is a reason why I hate when people say "I know how that feels like",when you have never walked my path, never been through what I have gone through and never once felt the pain I feel every single second of the day; then how on world can I believe that you could empathize me.