Sunday, April 18, 2010

take that, you slimey reporters!

Media, which were in an induced coma for most of the time for the last forty years, in Maldives is getting one blow after another. Right in to their very core.

During last few months, gangsters vandalised a local TV station, abused the staffs verbally and physically and going as far as death threats.

Same week, a personnel working in the print media was stabbed and was then hospitalised for critical injuries. The shocking truth is that both acts were committed in broad day light in front of public.

And now, no! Not from gangsters or dopies. The new attack instigates itself from the highest authoritative office in the executive branch of the country. Yes, from the office of the president.

Office is overseen by none other than the president himself. If I do not suffer from amnesia, he is the same president who boasts being a former political prisoner, a former journalist, calls for the release of Burmese opposition leader in speeches and going as far as naming Maldives as a sanctuary for dissident journalists from Burma.

Unfortunately; it seems for local journalists Maldives is far from being a sanctuary. When the state owned TV station alleged Nasheed's government of leaning towards nepotism and failed system, with factual data to support the claim (believe me this is only the program that was unbiased since the last presidential election.) The president reciprocates reporter's effort by launching an investigation on him for 'invoking hatred' towards the government.

That’s how the “champion of democracy and freedom” should act or what “obama of Asia” could have done. People like me would never understand and that’s why his Press Secretary has to translate his Dhivehi quotes to Dhivehi for us.

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