Tuesday, March 30, 2010

now i know how he got the woods and votes.

Skimming the Haveeru News, I stumbled on this piece of news.

The Mp for Komandoo constituency, Mr Hussain Waheed is ordered by the court to pay $478,745. Apparently he has bought 60% Satin Wood Pvt Ltd and ceased paying the original owner for some undisclosed reasons.

After reading this very article, a small incident happen to cross my mind.
Nearly seven years ago, I visited some of my relatives in Sh atoll. Back then Mr Waheed was the newly elected parliamentarian for the atoll, who in turn kicked the former parliamentarian named Ahmed Abdulla out of the seat (which Ahmed Abdulla enjoyed for very comfortable three consecutive terms with out uttering a single word in the parliament). I, for one, was very impressed that the people has started showing signs of being politically 'literate'.

When I had the chance to mingle with the folks of the island and when the topic naturally fell to politics. I asked this middle aged man, what made them vote for Hussain Waheed instead of Ahmed Abdulla.
The answer was simple and logical -at least for them. But it did brush away my idea of - people being 'literate' in politics or exercising their right of voting.

The man without much thinking or whatsoever told me that Ibrahim Waheed provided woods(and some construction materials for the island school). The reason was enough for them to vote him.

And now i know where and how he got the woods, island folk's vote and mrf 62000 per month to enjoy.

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