Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Eid!

Another Eid is on its way. This time, to save my self from a needless torture on the boat for 13hrs, i have decided to stay in Male'. I mean last time i went to kulhudhuffushi, i paid 250/- for ticket, but had to sleep in the "wheel house" and on the deck with bonus shower of rain. So I have decided to go to kulhudhuffushi when this hype is over.

I miss my bro;
He and I used to get DVDs from friends during Eid and watch movies whole day untill that it gets our mom's blood boiling, she then kicks us out see the Eid celebrations. We both roam around the island come back with in an hour to watch movies again. Thats better than seeing crossdressers and self proclaimed bands trying to show off.

I hope my bro, end his "self imposed solitary confinement", go out of his room and enjoy his holidays.

Love you buddy.

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