Monday, September 28, 2009

microblogging! and now microvideoblogging!

Maybe the micro-blogging can never fully replace the normal blogging, but that never stop new innovative thinking to be forged thus creating brand new platforms. it doesn't.

Maldivians, at least technologically literate Maldivians, are aware of Twitter, a micro-blogging service which allows the user to post 140 character status updates and read updates from other users. Quite addictive actually. :)

Now there is a another micro-blogging service known as, which allows users to publish 4-second videos that act as visual status updates. According to NewYorkTimes.

" In addition to microvideos, which can be uploaded from a webcam or a mobile phone camera and pushed out via Facebook and Twitter with a few short lines of text, is meant to be a digital calling card online or a hub that houses information about an individual’s identity on the web. [Read more]

So would this be as addictive as Twitter/Facebook? We will have to wait and see.

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