Wednesday, March 11, 2009

life quotes

During physics lecture/tutorial....
physics lecturer:
so you finished the home work.
student: yes. partly
physics lecturer: let me see.
*student fiddling with the papers*
student: Miss, why don't you save the headache. it won't make any sense even if u see it.

Group studies
student1: why don't we start studying?
student2: what do you think we are doing for an hour?
student1: sizing up all the girls here!
student2: yeah that's what we call studying for life, bro!

real life sayings. names omitted because some people are stupid enough to get offended.


.mini said...

this happens in your class?

Anonymous said...

ohh.... intrestin.....

Anonymous said...

wow.. nice 'n' interesting.....

mode said...

.mini = almost all the time. save only lecturers who are too full of themselves. sanks
anonymous = sanks
anonymous = sanks