Thursday, March 26, 2009

let me google it for you ^.^

Being involved with internet more than a normal person would be(according to others), i get lot of requests to find websites, songs, info and all........and above all i get these requests at odd times.
all i do is google it. and i tell them i don't do any magic and they can google it themselves. To my annoyance they don't.
now i have a solution. though its a bit rude, it works!!
here it goes.

a typical msn chat logs
(me gets online after long time)

friend: hey howdies? whats da websit address of collg of highr educatn?
me: not sure. search in google.
friend: i hav. bt cudn't find it.
me: ok. wait.
me: ok here

me sign off.


Anonymous said...

hey thats wrong address. the right one is

.mini said...

minives heekury anonymous buni kahala site eh hen :P
ekam mode haadha rangalhuvefa bas ahaey dho :P

shweetikle said...


xeeko said...

whoa. o.O

mode said...

Anonymous- not everybody live like you i tell ya!
min- hahaa, u thought im bad!! :s
shweetikle- lmfao, whts so funny?
hey xeeko howdies? ^.^

Saidan said...

very nice tutorial on googling (for MCHE website :p)
Enlighten us to make such tutorial, O Mode of the Internets :D