Monday, February 16, 2009

whats on my mind?

what are human beings?
so far i have got a biological definition. which talks about sleeping, eating, mating and a higher level of thinking. im not satisfied!!

are they basically good or bad?
human are neither good or bad. the characeter which we call personality is shaped by experiences and enviroment/society. we later label the people "bad".

are they born that way?
No. who said babies are bad. :p

are they controlled or controlling?
partly yes, they are controlled and they are not.

what motivates them?
Basic needs. foods,water, mating and shelter. these are basic needs, 0thers can be simplified to these needs.

Can people change?

How do they change?
because of experiences, interactions and situations

Does something external cause them to change or must it come from with in?
*walks away cursing*

i might write the answers sometime later, if i haven't gone mad by then. To see my 'state of my mind', check out, lack of blogging is partly due to studying, lack of creative mind juices and my mind going havoc. (^^,).

update: i wrote some answers. 25 January 2009 at 8:35


Report said...

All these are just questions!! :D

.mini said...

tut tut mode
don't think much

Binoculars said...

asking is good, and looking for answers as well. that doesnt make you mad, it makes you wise!