Monday, January 12, 2009

do we ever get contented?

Back in January 2008 when I went to male’ I left everything I own here, I left my family and my friends here. I have nothing awaiting for me in male’.
And there wasn’t any second I spend in male, that I didn’t long to come back here. I lay on my bed every night counting the seconds, minutes, hours and weeks then months before I could come here.
And now Im here back with family. Actually been here for four weeks.
I don’t feel that contented. I still feel so incomplete. I feel that I have left so many things that belong to me back in male’. I left People I need and people who needs me. There isn’t any end to this, is it?
So let my thoughts rest there.


.mini said...

that happens when you move around
the best thing to do is, say the goodbyes well, but a good bye doesnt necessarily have to be something you would say like to never see that thing or person again
thats why i take photographs, coz i dont wanna leave those moments behind
do something like that, not like photographs, maybe write in a diary or something
you'll be glad later

do this, figure out what you are missing, person eh vejiyya call and talk, you'll feel better

Anonymous said...

it happens everytime when u r touch wth da place n ppl thr, i miss ya so much. hav a nice holiday wth ur family n come back. njoy whle u were thr, so u dnt feel regret again.....

Lavendergirl said...

I miss ya all.. I'm here feeling Home-sick! and its so bad this time.. and like you said I felt like I left so many things behind when I went there for holidays..

err.. this is the result of having too much of fun with too many people..

I do agree with you.. There is no end to this feelingz!!!!! it just take sometime for you to be back to normal! :D

kaiza shozey said...

have to agree with u on this one. it does happen. and with u, ur parents arent in male' dho? that shud make it worse

mode said...

thankyou all of you for your kind words....
love u.