Thursday, January 22, 2009

i like

i like computers and any thing to do with computers like softwares...
i like expensive mobile phones and cheap ones if they are really good
i like internet
i like books. ranging from philosophy to classic romantic novels. anything on books.
i like arts
i like drawings, to draw.. to copy.
i like journalism. freelance what ever. especially radio journalism if there is any....
i like photography. sceneries, crowds, babies.....
i like to travel around the world. the remote, rural places on the earth.
i like British English, their accent. the peoples too.
i like movies....
i like sleeping.
i like girrrrrrls :p. the smart, independent, educated and opinionated ones. beauty is just a bonus, doesn't really count :p.

i complain a lot and happen to hate many things, got this biigggg idea to write about what i like.
the list is random. and is not in any order.

Monday, January 12, 2009

do we ever get contented?

Back in January 2008 when I went to male’ I left everything I own here, I left my family and my friends here. I have nothing awaiting for me in male’.
And there wasn’t any second I spend in male, that I didn’t long to come back here. I lay on my bed every night counting the seconds, minutes, hours and weeks then months before I could come here.
And now Im here back with family. Actually been here for four weeks.
I don’t feel that contented. I still feel so incomplete. I feel that I have left so many things that belong to me back in male’. I left People I need and people who needs me. There isn’t any end to this, is it?
So let my thoughts rest there.