Wednesday, December 3, 2008

on life

let the life roll and steer its own way, i have always advocated for that.
imagine what im gonna write here, use your wildest and the grossest imagination possible.
but the conclusion should be that the life sucks. yeah you got me right. life sucks.


.mini said...

i agree :P

heavenlybarnacles said...

it's not the life that sucks. It's your blog post that sucks.

Lavendergirl said...

Yes!!!!! Life sucks!! I'm agreeing with you this time!

kaiza shozey said...

life doesnt sux. its the ppl we know and the actions they choose to take that sux. not to mention how we think abt it all. Maybe its becos we have a need to blame it all on someone or something other than ourselves. so we jes say "life sux" and end it there.

aesha said...

i hate that is lovely

mode said...

.mini = i know you would :p
heavenlybarnacles = maybe your thinking sucks!!
lavendergirl = you have to! else i will kick your baby butt!
kaiza shozey = ther are actions over which we do not have any control!
aesha = heheheheeteeeeeheehe