Sunday, November 2, 2008

coffee break

i was having a coffee with a friend during my break time. then there went a girl i know who was divorced and was having lot of trouble staying on a stable relationship. i asked my friend who was so preoccupied with his coffee and humming to a song from the campaign.
"what could be reason that Maldivians are so against marrying a younger man and a older women? and if the woman had a failure in her earlier marriage its almost impossible get on with her life."
he stopped his song and look at me as if i had just said that some one is going to commit a suicide.
"what?, you like her?" he replied mockingly.
"no, but stick to the topic, the reason???" i told him.
"its just not good idea, maybe something wrong with the woman got her divorced" he said blankly, "only a desperate man would opt for her". Still looking at me mockingly.
i thought if i keep on talking like this what else would he be thinking about me.


paperclippenny said...

what a typical reply... poor girl

mode said...

yeah typical maldivians....
thanks penny!!

shweetikle said...

u like her?
ok ok i was kidding.
i feel sorry for the girl. men!!!

.mini said...

i guess that everyone has their opinions
people didn't like the idea of having another president
but they got over it
i guess maldivians will be okay with this sometime like, in about 30 years time

kaiza shozey said...

if u really like a girl i dont think it should matter that she had previously been married. but the thing is most guys if they find out that before he starts liking her the thought "she's already legally done it with another guy probly countless times" gets to him. and i think ud like my new post.

mode said...

shweetikle yeah. since i com defending her, everyone believes im in love with her. but its not true.
.mini yeah. maybe. till that these people wont understand. hehehehe
kaiza shozey yeah. its okay even if a girl has done it 'illegally' for thousand times but when if the girl was divorced. it grosses all guys. think about their mentality.!!
ps: have seen your two post!!
thankx all.

Lavendergirl said...

If a girl is divorced, does that mean its her mistake..??
it can't always be... :S
I donno why people still can't understand...

koky said...

i knw u, i knw de gal, pls tell me who is de other guy (ur coffee mate),
my hands r achin to giv a hotshot on his face...

mode said...

lavendergirl yeah according to some people it implies that the woman/girls are to be blamed.
koky oooh hard to imagine my mates fate after you are done with him. teeheeeheee!!!!!!

heavenlybarnacles said...

paapapaa paaah