Sunday, November 2, 2008

coffee break

i was having a coffee with a friend during my break time. then there went a girl i know who was divorced and was having lot of trouble staying on a stable relationship. i asked my friend who was so preoccupied with his coffee and humming to a song from the campaign.
"what could be reason that Maldivians are so against marrying a younger man and a older women? and if the woman had a failure in her earlier marriage its almost impossible get on with her life."
he stopped his song and look at me as if i had just said that some one is going to commit a suicide.
"what?, you like her?" he replied mockingly.
"no, but stick to the topic, the reason???" i told him.
"its just not good idea, maybe something wrong with the woman got her divorced" he said blankly, "only a desperate man would opt for her". Still looking at me mockingly.
i thought if i keep on talking like this what else would he be thinking about me.