Sunday, October 12, 2008

de-emptifying post

this place looks lonely and i don't wanna talk about the politics. so let this place be lonely again!
kudos to the lecturers who keep canceling/post phoning classes at the last minute via sms as if we can teleport our bodily masses from one place to other.


.mini said...

mode keehtha thi kuranee midhuvaskolhu?
pis pis pis :P

mode said...

mi dhuvas kolhu mode ulhenee assignment tha ginna kamun furathama hadaanee kon assignment eh kann neygigen!!
due date hama vaa iru ves mikame nuvaane hn heevaneee!!

Lavendergirl said...

mode eh ekanyeh noon! even I am doing the same thing!
furathama hadhaane assignment eh choose kuran neygigen miulhenee! :S