Sunday, September 7, 2008

need an answer

fasting season hit me hard, and we moved to a new house- so lets sum up what have happened to me during these days.
to start with, to all girls(specially)
what makes you jealous of your boy friends(this includes all boys who are friends)?
just asked?
may be i can draw a graph like bulhaa did!


Anonymous said...

Can a bulha draw a graph. Is that Garfield?


foniboki said...

Nothing because I'm not insecure. I look the way I do because I'm suppose too. Everyone should embrace who they are and not envy over others.

shweetikle said...

errrm..lets see..i dun think i get jealous like that..i may get jealous if a girl is having something really colourful or if she's having something that i rele rele want..hehe
jealous of boys for dating girls? nope..

mode said...

anonymous have to ask bulhaa whn i meet her.
foniboki dont give so lame answers!!! You do get jealous of others!
shweetikle here you go!! so if the girl got a boy you really like, you are jealous of the girl not the boy. okay got it!!


shweetikle said...

not fair!
u always take it the rong way! hmph!
or maybe ur right.. *thinks*

washedbrains said...

ey buddy... i adice u to drop watever u r studying n run after psychology... o even socialogy wont be bad... hehe :p

mode said...

no shweetikle, i tend to take the worst meaning out of everything. its not an easy task! :p
washedbrains: im seriously thinking 'bout that, bro. and hav som posts on those topics pre-planned.