Sunday, September 28, 2008

examifed peotry

we have a test today but

"i am all filled out
with a heap of doubt
of all negative thought
of just getting a naught"

(sms received from xiide, on my way to class)


.mini said...

xiide's a nice name :P

mode said...

xiide is more like a chemical substance for me, he likes chemistry!

Shaari said...

i hope u didnt get a naught in yr exam!

mode said...

that i still have to see.

Saidan said...

Tch! And here you are, posting my stuff up here :p
Don't get me wrong folks, I'm totaly cool with it. Anyway, I started reading Mode's blog around two days ago. Will be commenting age old posts now :p
A chemical substance you say? Nice :D
Thanks to .mini for saying nice things about my name ^_^