Sunday, September 28, 2008

examifed peotry

we have a test today but

"i am all filled out
with a heap of doubt
of all negative thought
of just getting a naught"

(sms received from xiide, on my way to class)

Monday, September 22, 2008

state of mind

in a mental war of obsession, rage, guilt and guts. :s

Monday, September 15, 2008

happy b'day lavender

i met her when i was in grade seven. back then she was she and i was i. she was always in a group of girls and i was very new and most of the time did talk to anyone. i cant really remember the day talked. anyway we weren't friends.

the next year in 2001, we both promoted to grade eight and happened to be in same class. we talked a bit and better half of the three years in olevel i sat right infront of her and we used to exchange dhivehi songs(she and her friends had notebooks full of lyrics on it). anyway like in grade seven i didnt talk to her much. girls in our class out number by three times. and there was lot of gigglings from girls so i didn't dare to talk to her except on few occasions.

we met again in alevel in 2004, and we became close friends, we did lots of studyings. and even after the alevel we did group studies and sat for the exam together, we put in our application for our first jobs together, to same place.

now there she is faraway from here, but still she is she.
happy birthday lavendergirl.
many many happy returns of the day
hope you had a wonderful birthday.
i did wish you in advance too :p

Sunday, September 7, 2008

need an answer

fasting season hit me hard, and we moved to a new house- so lets sum up what have happened to me during these days.
to start with, to all girls(specially)
what makes you jealous of your boy friends(this includes all boys who are friends)?
just asked?
may be i can draw a graph like bulhaa did!