Sunday, August 24, 2008

normal blabbers

after spending so much time i finally found a template of my taste(i still like my earlier template more). hope no ones got this one in the mvblogosphere. and is compatible with the all these browsers..


foniboki said...

hmm, i like these colors,
i'd prefer a lighter-grey-post-background than this!

XefroX said...

hehe yeah now this one is simple and cool...salhi

xeeko said...

i like this one better then your one before.. but it's just OKAY.

p.s updated my blog so check it out!

Lavendergirl said...

template badhal kolleetha?? Roadha ah kulaves badhal kollee dho...!!
anhaa...anekkaa mode ves badhal veetha???!!... muahahaha...
Nice template! :)
but I like the previous one more~!!
btw, I want to catch you on msn if you can~!!

mode said...

foniboki point noted!
xefrox thankyou, modifications are still underway!
xeeko really, thankx and me to your bloggie
lavendergirl roadha ah badhal vee
the thing is mobile stucks whn trying to chat, and now i hav lost my free wifi point and they hav blocked msn here! thats why i was buggin you on your blog!!

thankyou dudes and dudettes!!