Monday, August 18, 2008

im not sure!!!???

every one has a secret 'crush' on someone other than the person you are claiming to be your 'true love'. But you wouldn't dare to tell her/him or anyone else given the fact that person is a very close friend of yours, a colleague, a class mate or perhaps a relative.
distinguishing characteristics of this relationship might include

* acting rather hostile towards that person
* feeling jealous when the him/her is seen with a her/him
* secretly plotting to put an end to that person's relationship
* reminding yourself(constantly) that you are not in love with him/her
* giving a blunt negative answer to him/her when asked out or been proposed
* and most probably you are in a 'serious' relationship now.

im, in no means claiming that im a love guru or an expert human relationships. bear that in your mind take a sec or two....

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bandey said...

lets just hope your loved one doesn't find out about this little post of urs...

shweetikle said...

ehem! maybe not a love guru but telling with experience? :P

miulhene hama karu kahaa varun..ehem ehem.. =D

Lavendergirl said...

Now be sure and post next time! :P

I do think what you said Wazz so true ;)

shara said...

i hope u r in love. tell me yaaru whose that idiot

mode said...

bandey if she really believes in this then she too is in trouble. if she doesn't thn this is normal nonsense she listens all the time.
shweetikle ya a little bit of personal experience but mostly of stories i get from my friends...did i get you tingly in your heart :P
and karu kahanya u shud drink hot water with a tiny salt dissolved in it! :P
lavendergirl love guru or no love guru im pretty much sure about this and the heading is a result of me suffering from lack-of-interesting-headings syndrome.
shara idiot eh. im not denying that she isn't an idiot but the mental damage she is suffering is nothing compared to what you are! :s
thankyou thankyou

.mini said...

anhaa.. mode has a cruush~~~!!!
get done with it! marry her! invite me to the wedding ingey ^.^

mode said...

.mini 'ello mini, my intention was not to point out specific people so its not only about me but of all people. the 'theory' is general, and is applicable to everyone.

washedbrains said...

aww man! @#$%$#@@####*&^%$#$##%#%