Wednesday, August 27, 2008

does this happen to you?

I have many things to write but all of them, one way or another, are 'classified' by some person. this blog is mine, no one own this except mine yet i see myself with lot of ideas but unable to write it here. i fear that one day even by chance one of this particular some one sees this, they would feel i betrayed their trust.
You could say, even i say to myself that i can distort the facts and add a little bit of salt and sugar, heat it a bit, put two three chillies and keep it here so that few other people would at least can smell it if not taste it. true, but its so materialistic and unreal like the food we eat everyday at Fizzes.
Maybe i do not qualify for a blogger even after a year. i stare at the screen gawked, write two three lines, delete it afterwards then close the browser. look around if any one s looking at me, scratch my head stand up and walk away cursing. and finally after five years i see myself fed up with internet. unbelievable.
closing thought: people i do not even dream can be jealous, could be quite jealous and possessive.


mini said...

badhal kuree!!!
aslu geaku noon meenee
geah gossa post ah comment eh kuraanan

.mini said...

ehenves vaane mode
thats what i have been talking about
cannot write everything here coz someone might just know and freak out or summin

foniboki said...

yep thats what happend to me

mode said...

.mini those people who know i blog would give me a constant warning "Don't yu dare to writ these in your blog." or come up with excuses like "can't tell yu, coz u might write this". see freakish!
foniboki really, did some body feaked out? which post?
thanks mini + foniboki

BubbleToes said...

bloggin ur heart out can b freaky..tru tru!

shweetikle said...

u dun have to be qualified to blog!!!

Aisha said...

Just blog anything tat u feel to doesn't need to be qualified work like shweetikle said.
Have fun blogging ^-^

mode said...

bubbletoes hmmm i should write more political ongoings here!
shweetikle really. thanku
aisha after sooo loooong time!!

washedbrains said...

alrite pal! spit it out!!

kaiza shozey said...

i faced the same prob as well, but nevertheless i seem to find myself writing abt it anyway. jes dont mention any names and dont be too specific. i think the problem here in maldives is, when someone opens a blog, all his friends know it and even most of the other bloggers who reads it knows who it is personally or by reputation/name etc.

u could always open a new blog without letting others know abt it. it helps ;) OR u can jes stop giving a damn abt what others might think or say and spill it all out. because obviously there will be people who will understand and will not take it offensively(though thats rare nowadays). i had some ppl who had no connection to the posts coming and asking me "was that post about me?"

mode said...

thankyou kaiza shozey, i did remain anonymous for a long time, for almost a year, but there are a number of people who know me now.
Like you said its better not giving a damn thing about others or else end up comforting/aplogizing others all the time.