Wednesday, August 27, 2008

does this happen to you?

I have many things to write but all of them, one way or another, are 'classified' by some person. this blog is mine, no one own this except mine yet i see myself with lot of ideas but unable to write it here. i fear that one day even by chance one of this particular some one sees this, they would feel i betrayed their trust.
You could say, even i say to myself that i can distort the facts and add a little bit of salt and sugar, heat it a bit, put two three chillies and keep it here so that few other people would at least can smell it if not taste it. true, but its so materialistic and unreal like the food we eat everyday at Fizzes.
Maybe i do not qualify for a blogger even after a year. i stare at the screen gawked, write two three lines, delete it afterwards then close the browser. look around if any one s looking at me, scratch my head stand up and walk away cursing. and finally after five years i see myself fed up with internet. unbelievable.
closing thought: people i do not even dream can be jealous, could be quite jealous and possessive.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

normal blabbers

after spending so much time i finally found a template of my taste(i still like my earlier template more). hope no ones got this one in the mvblogosphere. and is compatible with the all these browsers..

Monday, August 18, 2008

im not sure!!!???

every one has a secret 'crush' on someone other than the person you are claiming to be your 'true love'. But you wouldn't dare to tell her/him or anyone else given the fact that person is a very close friend of yours, a colleague, a class mate or perhaps a relative.
distinguishing characteristics of this relationship might include

* acting rather hostile towards that person
* feeling jealous when the him/her is seen with a her/him
* secretly plotting to put an end to that person's relationship
* reminding yourself(constantly) that you are not in love with him/her
* giving a blunt negative answer to him/her when asked out or been proposed
* and most probably you are in a 'serious' relationship now.

im, in no means claiming that im a love guru or an expert human relationships. bear that in your mind take a sec or two....

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

i wonder

Out of blue a girl, you did not even consider so close, come up and told you that she just got divorced, looking rather pleased with herself, what would you think?

i was thinking about writing a long post about this, but its an issue of privacy so thats all i could write!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

birthday special!!!!

this is my b'day cake
new day new begining

On the August 13, my blog has grown up to a toddler. yeah its been a year since i started blogging officially.

on this occasion i have decided to write about the how i began blogging.

first maldivian blog i stumbled upon.
i browse internet using my mobile almost all the time. especially at night. i was googling for some medical terms, i ended up on this one. dancinrain

i was much suprised to know this was a "website" by a maldivian student who is(/was) studying abroad. i didnt sleep that night. i read all the posts in the "website". and ended up on many other maldivian sites of such. but sadly my credit was eaten up by dhiraagu around 4:30 in the morning. well this "website" is my inspiration to blogging.

other blogs and mvblogosphere
following day in the office, i had few works to do. so i decided to find more about my new obsession. i researched about "blogspot" and knew its called blogs (shortened for weblogs) supported by google. and blogging is the most vibrant part of the new internet community. and later found out that there is a site which collects updates (feeds) from all the maldivian blogs. Mvblogosphere (not quite true....have to submit the url first)

found few other blogs like .mini and crazysuja a school mate!!

commenting on blogs
i started visiting mvblogosphere and reading blogs regulary. it took few days, there i was commenting on blogs. i have used numerous number of alias but anonymous remained my favourite, learned how to create blogs in the blogspot and started testing.

idea of blogging!
end of that week when a colleague of mine and i were talking about internet i mentioned about the blogs. and it seems he was roaming through the blogs as well. after that we used go through the blogs on the blogosphere and come up with ideas to comment. and one day after a such session of discussion, he left saying "mode i think you should create a blog yourself." well, i have a secret, a hidden blog by name of posted two posts on it and latter deleted it because i could not update properly and doesnt look half nice as other blogs. by the way i got two comments on that one by .mini and goldenlotuz aisha. then i created another one and started playing html codes and found about themes.

official start

by then i have known a lot about blogging and created my new blog and posted my first post on 13 August 2007, submitted the url to mvblogosphere. but i didnt tell anyone about that except my colleague [maldivianmosaic] who also created a blog

my identity

many people know as blogger and many know me in person. but few of those people know me as a both blogger and a real person. but i now have many friends, a lots of friends in mvblogosphere. very close friends.

Blogging and me

Blogging did change me a lot but I would write about that some other time!

a big thankyou to
.mini, shweeeeet, xefrox, i-kko, aesha, lavendergirl, maldivianmosaic, axe, moyameehaa, aisha, bulhaa, radvixen , halfpixel.

special thanks to Lavendary for being with me all the time and their ideas and inspirations for axe and maldivian mosaic

and many other bloggers(sorry if i miss any body) as well for accepting me for what im. and to all people who ever commented on my blog, supported me, visited to my blog, i may not know you but you are part of me.

a weird coincidence

this is a coincidence i swear, and i didnt know till today that i started blogging on my birthday.

thankyou for reading

image by: One and Only KokkY