Thursday, July 3, 2008

a typical true story

a boy in his teens falls in love with a girl in his class,
the girl being unaware of this, takes a close friend of him as boyfriend.
after the end of their studies both girl and boy take two different path in life.
by then the girl gets bored with 'dominant' boyfriend of hers and dumps him.
then 'follows her heart' and finds 'true love' again.
the boy tries to recover from his infatuation
and resists the temptation to find any thing about her.
but his infatuation gets better of him.
he sends a message to her saying how she is doing.
but she, being the girl she is, replies rather rudely.
boy feeling how foolish he is, decides its useless.
but later girl knows who he is, sends a message
'i kno who u r n how much u luvs me. i luv u2 mor thn anybody else'.
the boy smiles to himself, deletes the message,
removes her number from his contacts
and changes his own number.
they never talk or meet afterwards.

note: i know the girl but im not sure if i understand the boy in the story.


XefroX said...

i call this a happy ending..heh

AXE said...

hey buddy u r very bad dont rite such things.. i think u know girl and u know that two boys as well. tell me whose that . k best of luck girl try to catch him

ie cco said...


.mini said...

pis pis
kihineh evy?

maybe the boy learnt that the girl wasn't good enough

mode said...

xefrox oh i think it depends!! for me its not a happy ending. but a satisfying ending though.
axe am i that bad? and its not about the people you think!!
i-kko thankyou. BTW i simply refuse to call you iekko(aeeeeeeeko). i prefer i-kko(not ekk0). you can kill me later!
.mini thats what happend in the real stories! and mayb he got what he wanted. right?

Lavendergirl said...

Nice! :D
BTW where is the girl now??

and axe haadha molhethi guess kure ey dho! ekamaku ves rangalheh nuvi :P

mode said...

hhhehe lavender do you really want me to answer this?
not sure where the girl is now. hav to ask som peopl.
axe here is gettin funny ideas!!

aesha said...

ooh m elikes that boy :D

hudhumaa said...

hmm ... that was one CONFUSING story ...

Lavendergirl said...

@mode - I got to know where the girl is.. so now there is no need for asking anyone =D

kaiza shozey said...

nicely done by the boy. i think i see his reasons for it. hats off to the guy.

mode said...

hudhumaa really. i can enlighten....;)
lavendergirl good for ya. i kno you would...hahaha
kaiza shozey you are on my side buddy!!

thankyou all