Saturday, July 19, 2008

tagged again!!

.mini tags mode hahahahahahaaa

five things that i love
my family(cant love enough i guess)
my friends(few special ones)
my phone (cant liv with out!!)
my laptop(my galfriend hahaha) [winks at shweeeeet]
my blog(accepting watever i write with out complaining, not even once. can you believ this!!)

five things i hate
my self (no commnt....)
my hotmail account(for givvim so much twoulbe)
facebook (do i hav to tell you thisz....)
chain mails (i get lotsa mails. askin to forward, thn i will be billionaire, my daughter is dyin....fakes fakes!!)
people who expects too much from me. (com on gimme a break will ya!!)

five people to tag

sorry if i tagged twice. i didnt start this rite?

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