Monday, July 14, 2008

The Oxford Murders

I watched the movie The Oxford Murders few days ago. i highly recommend this one if you are a freak interested in Mathematical/Logical series and Philosophy. well I'm a bit freakish(if not all) so its interesting for me, besides we are studying Series and Sequence and how they behave when it reaches infinity, in first two weeks of this semester, which i should say, is quite interesting plus time consuming to think about it. but, to do exercise on that topic is another business!

ps: there are bit of eeeer eh scenes in the movie so its +16 (don't blame me). by the way I'm not very good at suggesting movies.

photo taken from: Wikipedia-Free Encyclopedia


Lavendergirl said...

I would Love to watch that movie =)
Hopefully I will watch and let u know :P

paperclippenny said...

elijah wood!!!!!!! i'm definitely watching

mode said...

lavendergirl hahahah..okie dockie, no need to make it snappy. i hav the film, i can giv u anytime. ;0
paperclippeny oh. a biggie fan of him eh? he is a nice guy in the movie..


.mini said...

now ive got a movie to watch :P
balaafa angaalaanan ingey :D