Wednesday, July 9, 2008

new lecturer!!!

when the new semester began, one of our lecturer has vanished in to thin air. and replacement(temporarily) came from much-talked-about CHSE!!!)
we feel like we are back to an Olevel class. she kept explaining the theories while reminding us to be silent in every two seconds for whole sixty minutes.
hahahahahaa!! autocratic!
come on!
we are not kids any more. we will question or share what we know about the topic with others. we will not glue our butts to the chair for two whole hours. what was she thinking about?

so much for blabbering about this! she no longer is our lecturer! some Praphul is on the way!!!


.mini said...

whats the name of the teacher?

foniboki said...

same thing happened here in previous semester. the guy used to say "listen children" several times in an hour and call our names with mister and miss, lol ;P

mode said...

.mini i think her name's Ajitha or something like that. heard she is a HOD. not sure!
foniboki she treats us like you said!!!

AXE said...

hey mode... still u guys r children ie students so lecturere want give u example wot u will apply in future hehehehehe

mode said...

axe not quite true because all other lecturers insist on addressing them with their names. no miss or sirs. and we had a lecturer who tried to implement a rule so any one calls her miss/madam would hav to pay a fine of five ruffiya on the spot. but it was voted out. but she won't answer you if you call her miss or madam. you must call her by her name.

muththu said...

which institute are we talking about here? What subject?

Lavendergirl said...

she calls u all by Mr & Ms and treats like kids?????! :S

Thats so funny...

I've started a new semester too.. will write about it soon (this time its SOON) in my blog! :P

mode said...

muththu and what you would do when i tell you the institute and the subject!!
lavendergirl Oh ya im ready to read!!

thankyou all

.mini said...

hehe mode, shes my physics teacher
and yes, she is the HOD
and believe this, she's actually the best physics teacher in school
so imagine what would be the state of other teachers in CHSE!

she actually treats us like we are adults, keeps on shouting and shouting
dhen hurey ufaavefa, you'll know how good she is in teaching when you get another teacher :P

.mini said...

i think she is sweeet ^.^

mode said...

.mini really!! i didn't say that she is bad. she gives very good explanations. only thing is she expects us to be seated in chair for whole two periods without speaking!!
that we simply cant do!! hehehe
and she said we are getting a new temporary teacher on sunday. so we are not that lucky i guess!!
ps: girls in our class think she is sweeet too :P

shweetikle said...

in our class she tries to get angry but she cant! when students act naughty, she cant help but smile =)
she is a teacher il never ever forget!
and yes, i agree with mini..she comes to our class too..
she is the best teacher in chse - teaching wise..
eyna rulhi aruvaalaba..varahhhh avahah roane ;)

washedbrains said...

oh good on you mate! hehe. mak it a part of ur studies.(trying to sit in same place 4 2hrs) i'm wonderin wat wud b the picture of ur class room wen ur favorite teacher is teachin u. hehe

mode said...

shweeeeet! i salute your guts!! rovvalan vee dhoa
washedbrains why man! i hav seen what your fav class looks like *wink*


muththu said...

Boy you are touchy! I'd prolly do nothing! Just wondering if I knew this lecturer. I used to lecture Physics at FE some years back.

mode said...

muththu you really have me cornered eh! yea you kind of guessed it rite. its FE and im talking about physics.

muththu said...

I'd like to know whats happening with physics at FE from the student's perspective. Would appreciate it if you could tell me what you guys think about it. What you think is wrong with well as what you think is right. I was there last year in June, and we arranged a lady from Aminiya to take the classes. If I recall right her name was Jiothi. Btw, which course are you taking this semester 102 or 202? I am rather keen to know whats being taught. I know the labs would be a problem. Perhaps I could contact you by email if you are willing to talk about it.

mode said...

muththu i definitely would like to share my views on those issues. your mail will find me if you send it to
thankyou muththu