Tuesday, July 1, 2008

crazy thoughts

lets us, the mvblogosphere, have a strike and demand for a payment for blogging. i mean we are not asking for a pay rise. just a Rf 20 per post(if more than one posts per 24hrs, only one counts in) would be enough for what we are doing for the our country. we are not demanding a single laari more than that.
im not making fun of the teachers(i fully support them), but those bigheads have called the strike off already. what a crap! typical maldivians with typical thinking.

do have look at this blog. a nice one updated thru mobile only.


shweetikle said...

yes yes! i agree!
*protest protest* :P

foniboki said...

then i will start bloggin again ;D
$600 per month rite?

foniboki said...

protest protest, how?
stop blogging n leave mvblogosphere blank for one day?

paperclippenny said...

i think we may be doing a favour to the Biggies (government heads or whatever they are called) by NOT blogging as a way of strike. =P

.mini said...

this is preposterous! :P

yeah about the teachers eh? they are crappy, they should've done it for two days or something!

mode said...

shweeeeet! *protest* lets have it! hhahhahahaaa
foniboki nope. my maths is vague. Rf20 times 30 gives Rf600. thats roughly $50. cheap eh?
paperclippeny yea i think whole country would come to a halt :p
.mini teachers talk big. and do less. actually they do nothing killing our precious times

a big thankYou to all people who wasted their precious time tryin to comment here using the bestest internet service[Dhiraagu+RoL] in the "lobuvethi mi" country