Wednesday, July 23, 2008

break time

need to take a break again! i know i take too many breaks. just need to spend a little more time in studying. but will poke in here if i cant resist.

ps: thankz to all those bloggers who came for the meetup. a special thankz to shweeeeet!. thankyou


.mini said...

nice meeting you mode, even if that was for a sec :P

Shaari said...

hello mode, everyone needs a break every now & then. & blogsphere takes a backseat often. i'm back here after a lengthy break. anywayz as .mini says good meeting ya

ie cco said...

good luck.. and nice meeting u too =)

mode said...

.mini some people has some urgent issues to attend. heheh
shaari just keep blogging! just keep blogging!!
i-kko nice meeting with u too. i-kkolicious!!

thankyou all.

Lavendergirl said...

haadha break ey!! ekamaku comment kollaathi ingey dheythere dheytherein blog ah vadhelaafa!! dhen hama lavendary aa meet veema nuliyey post eh ves! [thun dhamaaafa]
dhen erey pizza ge pic fonuvaanamey bunefa nufonuveema hama rulhi ingey! dhen adhives baivaru complain kuran beynun! avahah msn in online velaa! :P

Anonymous said...

I'm very much flattered! Keep blogging. Ur new template is lovely.

maldivianmosaic [an ex-blogger]

mode said...

thankz maldivianmosaic for your kind words and do visit time to time!!