Wednesday, July 16, 2008

aah not again! &$%#@@

throat is itchy.
nose is sorta blocked, may be it really is.
voice is eer well like i dunno.
headache is killing me.
eyes is watery.
yea ya you guessed it right.
its poor me, again down with common cold.


♥ amynabi ♥ said...

get well quick

shweetikle said...

awww,,get well thoooon!

.mini said...

do all the stuff you need to get better
and insha allah you will be better in no time

washedbrains said...

well! well! here u go again..... hehe took u ages to get back ur 'beutiful' voice... ain't it? get well sooooooooon (as if its in ur hand)

paperclippenny said...

you poor thing. Get well soon!

foniboki said...

arh, get normal soon, buddy!

AXE said...

hehehe hahahahaha get well soon with the help of Allah

Lavendergirl said...

send me some and you be normal...
I havent got it for ages :S
Sometimes the voice u have after u lose ur original one sounds better u know :P so there's no worries..
Hakuunamatata!! :D
anyway hope you will be alright soon..

mode said...

thankiyou thakiyoi thenkiyou

amynabi, shweeeeet!, .mini, washedbrains, paperclippeny, axe, foniboki

did i say enough!!

lavendergirl its packed and is on the way!!. hakunamatataa!!

thankx evryone