Wednesday, July 23, 2008

break time

need to take a break again! i know i take too many breaks. just need to spend a little more time in studying. but will poke in here if i cant resist.

ps: thankz to all those bloggers who came for the meetup. a special thankz to shweeeeet!. thankyou

Saturday, July 19, 2008

tagged again!!

.mini tags mode hahahahahahaaa

five things that i love
my family(cant love enough i guess)
my friends(few special ones)
my phone (cant liv with out!!)
my laptop(my galfriend hahaha) [winks at shweeeeet]
my blog(accepting watever i write with out complaining, not even once. can you believ this!!)

five things i hate
my self (no commnt....)
my hotmail account(for givvim so much twoulbe)
facebook (do i hav to tell you thisz....)
chain mails (i get lotsa mails. askin to forward, thn i will be billionaire, my daughter is dyin....fakes fakes!!)
people who expects too much from me. (com on gimme a break will ya!!)

five people to tag

sorry if i tagged twice. i didnt start this rite?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

aah not again! &$%#@@

throat is itchy.
nose is sorta blocked, may be it really is.
voice is eer well like i dunno.
headache is killing me.
eyes is watery.
yea ya you guessed it right.
its poor me, again down with common cold.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Oxford Murders

I watched the movie The Oxford Murders few days ago. i highly recommend this one if you are a freak interested in Mathematical/Logical series and Philosophy. well I'm a bit freakish(if not all) so its interesting for me, besides we are studying Series and Sequence and how they behave when it reaches infinity, in first two weeks of this semester, which i should say, is quite interesting plus time consuming to think about it. but, to do exercise on that topic is another business!

ps: there are bit of eeeer eh scenes in the movie so its +16 (don't blame me). by the way I'm not very good at suggesting movies.

photo taken from: Wikipedia-Free Encyclopedia

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

new lecturer!!!

when the new semester began, one of our lecturer has vanished in to thin air. and replacement(temporarily) came from much-talked-about CHSE!!!)
we feel like we are back to an Olevel class. she kept explaining the theories while reminding us to be silent in every two seconds for whole sixty minutes.
hahahahahaa!! autocratic!
come on!
we are not kids any more. we will question or share what we know about the topic with others. we will not glue our butts to the chair for two whole hours. what was she thinking about?

so much for blabbering about this! she no longer is our lecturer! some Praphul is on the way!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

a typical true story

a boy in his teens falls in love with a girl in his class,
the girl being unaware of this, takes a close friend of him as boyfriend.
after the end of their studies both girl and boy take two different path in life.
by then the girl gets bored with 'dominant' boyfriend of hers and dumps him.
then 'follows her heart' and finds 'true love' again.
the boy tries to recover from his infatuation
and resists the temptation to find any thing about her.
but his infatuation gets better of him.
he sends a message to her saying how she is doing.
but she, being the girl she is, replies rather rudely.
boy feeling how foolish he is, decides its useless.
but later girl knows who he is, sends a message
'i kno who u r n how much u luvs me. i luv u2 mor thn anybody else'.
the boy smiles to himself, deletes the message,
removes her number from his contacts
and changes his own number.
they never talk or meet afterwards.

note: i know the girl but im not sure if i understand the boy in the story.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

crazy thoughts

lets us, the mvblogosphere, have a strike and demand for a payment for blogging. i mean we are not asking for a pay rise. just a Rf 20 per post(if more than one posts per 24hrs, only one counts in) would be enough for what we are doing for the our country. we are not demanding a single laari more than that.
im not making fun of the teachers(i fully support them), but those bigheads have called the strike off already. what a crap! typical maldivians with typical thinking.

do have look at this blog. a nice one updated thru mobile only.