Saturday, June 28, 2008

what i did?

phew im back at Male'
spend nearly five days in my island. and its heck of five days. lets list the things i managed to do in five days.
1. went to my older workplace.
2. went coffee with my older colleagues(more than once).
3. went a dinner with naadhu and madhee
4. manage lure one of my senior colleague to install utorrent and download few movies
5. got to do some works for the workplace(nearly finished)
6. watched semi and quarter finals of Euro2008.
7. me and kokky tried to convert VCDs to a DVD,
8. we at last burned the DVDs after damaging one.
there are few others things tooo :p

missed the coffee meeting with foniboki
and with xaahi & abdulla...would make up for that in December.

and to self-proclaimed IT guys in the workplace:
as soon as i went there you guys went through so much difficulty and has to deactivate my login account eh! but i hav my login back, don't i ?. go figure your self guys. i know more than ten different logins if you must know. and if you dont configure your server properly you will be in a much bigger shock when i go back there in December.
one more thing, your precious video clips and photos would not only be in your little secret share in the network. trust me guys!!


foniboki said...

hehe, ganna gandu!
yea dat coffee, we can have it early in this september ;D

Yaamyn said...

ey lo mode, just wanted ur views on something on my last post.. do drop in a line. :)

Congratulations on ur 5 days of achievements.. but I"m an IT guy who doesn't like threats! We're too bigheaded for that!
heheh :O

Anonymous said...

mode, u hav spend a nice holiday man, , , , , hehehehe

AXE said...

hey man u went dho....... hhehehe sad u know i met ur bro ..... yesterday in hospiatl .... ithought u will be there but chill dho.....

k have fun k tc

paperclippenny said...

having fun i see :D

mode said...

foniboki yep, lets see rite?
yaamyn okay on my way to ur bloggie...its not a threat buddy. and they are not IT guys even!
anonymous thankyou. could hav been better dhoa
axe oh due to an emergency i hav to be here earlier than i planned. aneway hav good tim there okay
paperclippeny hheheh yep after a long period of time.

shweetikle said...

ehem, welcome back to male' :D

PS: BBC inn govi mode gave a curious look to shweet o! wat was that about?! :O

mode said...

shweeeeet! thanku thanku *bows*
ps: oh that?? ya i told the bbc guy that shw[5e's]t knows a littl more than i thot she mite know abt bday-baby aka guy-who-turnd-3 -for-second-time!
*sings and vanishes in to thin air*