Friday, June 20, 2008

To: dear lovers

i have been wondering that when the girls and boys are in love they wanted to show off to others that they are the best couples in the world. the ideal ones to be exact. that everything that she does is only for him. and everything he says is for her. for him she is the most beautiful thing in the world. she is most caring for him. he is most understanding person in the world. they write all those poems and cute songs for each other expressing those "lovely feelings" for each other. when he is away everything around her is incomplete. when she is not with him then for him everything is useless and valueless.

whats all this fuss is about? simple and plain, pretend to the whole world that they are the most dedicated lovers or couples or whatsoever.

but when he is most understanding person why the hell is he friggin jealous when she talks to her friend(s).
and when she is most caring and honest, she some how has to go nuts when she sees a one sms sent to him from a cousin. and when they trust each other more than anything in the universe some how she has to block all the contacts in the msn! and he had her password to sign in.
so this is the real picture eh!

ps: .mini said we are growing up and there are less and less posts on love-relationships now days. but are we really growing up?
and im back at my island with my family again...:D


.mini said...

hehe pis pis
kulli akah mini ey ineema i went like from 0.0 to o.O
yeah showing off dho, ei kada meehun kuraa kameh
nikan balaabala mini ah :P i don't show off and all and talk about my relationship or do anything of that sort, and still people say that we are the most romantic couple on earth :P

and yes, i think some are growing up
others just don't wanna grow up, thats the problem

and you are back in your island?! dhimaaves nuve dhiyaeee!!! no faiiir!!!

paperclippenny said...

interesting blog... I was thinking a while back about how some of my carefree friends would seem all independent but the minute they have to go anywhere to have to have permission from their significant other. Even if it means going for a coffee with her lady friends.

It is a bit irritating when they say their husbands/ boyfriends isn't 'allowing' them to go.

mode said...

.mini namooona mini kiyan vee hen masha heevanee.:P
actually i was hoping that i could post this ever since i saw ur post saying that we are growing up!!
and im coming back to Male on next thursday i guess. and will meet ya then.
paperclippenny good point. exactly why don't he just send her with her girl friends right? no he would go nuts if she went with her friends...:
Thanks namoona .mini and paperclippeny

foniboki said...

yea showing off is just like the nature, it happens coz maybe they aren't grow up enough.
and before next semester begins, lets have a coffy eh! frera wud be ok!

mode said...

gud idea :D

aesha said...

showing off ---> BAD