Tuesday, June 24, 2008

lets be original!!

well i use "nothing more, nothing less" as my blog description and after reading this post by fruityloops, i thought wow!!
nothing is original any more but lets try to be original.
i checked my blog description on the Google and that was all over the place
there is a song of that name and a Maldivian blogger[Maisha] too who uses "Its me, nothing more nothing less" as her profile description.
any way i didn't know any of that, i just wrote what came first came to my mind as the blog description.
so here is the new description i came up with
'think think and do the worst!'
thats what i do all the time and almost all of us too :p
and i couldn't find the same saying on the internet!
by the way any of you noticed the description before. eeer i guess no!!


fruityloops said...

mode, i see you put a link to my post. glad to have struck a chord ;) heheh...

.mini said...

trying to be original eh? :P

foniboki said...

varah original! ;p

mode said...

oh yea lets be original people!!!

shweetikle said...

i guess i noticed..hehe

aesha said...

im original