Thursday, June 26, 2008

back to Male'

im comming back to Male' on saturday again! No need to blabber about how im gonna miss my home again. i have come over it like how i came over lots of other things!

[edit] Been sleeping from around six in the evening and wake up to find Russia two down to Spain. Oh no not again!
Yet another Guss Hiddins semifinal i guess.


foniboki said...

yea dissapointing fahareh,
seems its germans time, who knows!

.mini said...

aah, ekkokoh noon dho rashah dhiyaee

mode said...

foniboki yep very disappointing indeed. first whn i thot czech republic might hav somthin. they got beatn by turkey. thn Cristiano Ronaldo mite do somethin Portugal met their end by germans. and Netherland got from Russia....Russian by spain
.mini i told dho. im stuck here for three years ey. hhehe