Saturday, June 28, 2008

what i did?

phew im back at Male'
spend nearly five days in my island. and its heck of five days. lets list the things i managed to do in five days.
1. went to my older workplace.
2. went coffee with my older colleagues(more than once).
3. went a dinner with naadhu and madhee
4. manage lure one of my senior colleague to install utorrent and download few movies
5. got to do some works for the workplace(nearly finished)
6. watched semi and quarter finals of Euro2008.
7. me and kokky tried to convert VCDs to a DVD,
8. we at last burned the DVDs after damaging one.
there are few others things tooo :p

missed the coffee meeting with foniboki
and with xaahi & abdulla...would make up for that in December.

and to self-proclaimed IT guys in the workplace:
as soon as i went there you guys went through so much difficulty and has to deactivate my login account eh! but i hav my login back, don't i ?. go figure your self guys. i know more than ten different logins if you must know. and if you dont configure your server properly you will be in a much bigger shock when i go back there in December.
one more thing, your precious video clips and photos would not only be in your little secret share in the network. trust me guys!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

back to Male'

im comming back to Male' on saturday again! No need to blabber about how im gonna miss my home again. i have come over it like how i came over lots of other things!

[edit] Been sleeping from around six in the evening and wake up to find Russia two down to Spain. Oh no not again!
Yet another Guss Hiddins semifinal i guess.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

lets be original!!

well i use "nothing more, nothing less" as my blog description and after reading this post by fruityloops, i thought wow!!
nothing is original any more but lets try to be original.
i checked my blog description on the Google and that was all over the place
there is a song of that name and a Maldivian blogger[Maisha] too who uses "Its me, nothing more nothing less" as her profile description.
any way i didn't know any of that, i just wrote what came first came to my mind as the blog description.
so here is the new description i came up with
'think think and do the worst!'
thats what i do all the time and almost all of us too :p
and i couldn't find the same saying on the internet!
by the way any of you noticed the description before. eeer i guess no!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

To: dear lovers

i have been wondering that when the girls and boys are in love they wanted to show off to others that they are the best couples in the world. the ideal ones to be exact. that everything that she does is only for him. and everything he says is for her. for him she is the most beautiful thing in the world. she is most caring for him. he is most understanding person in the world. they write all those poems and cute songs for each other expressing those "lovely feelings" for each other. when he is away everything around her is incomplete. when she is not with him then for him everything is useless and valueless.

whats all this fuss is about? simple and plain, pretend to the whole world that they are the most dedicated lovers or couples or whatsoever.

but when he is most understanding person why the hell is he friggin jealous when she talks to her friend(s).
and when she is most caring and honest, she some how has to go nuts when she sees a one sms sent to him from a cousin. and when they trust each other more than anything in the universe some how she has to block all the contacts in the msn! and he had her password to sign in.
so this is the real picture eh!

ps: .mini said we are growing up and there are less and less posts on love-relationships now days. but are we really growing up?
and im back at my island with my family again...:D

Friday, June 6, 2008

study break

the best time to get fever. DURING the study break. Yep.
so that u dont get time to revise and MC wouldnt be accepted either.
this sucks big time.
lets see if my mind can muster any thing to write in the test papers. trust me its blank!!!