Wednesday, May 28, 2008

random thots

everyone takes breaks when their exam starts to wink in the next corner.
well, lets be freakingly unique. here im with my exams starting on June sixth!
i don't need glucks from anyone but a dummy to do my exams while i have a nice little nap at home.
any volunteers? any way, your help would be much appreciated with one coca cola bottle per day. a small one that is, i'm not rich you know ^.^

before we part for time being, there is no need to lie me and pretending to be really nice. i don't give a damn thing about it except for certain people =/

bye bye blog wanderers

image taken from dreamconnections


foniboki said...

gudluck in ur eggzams buddy!
i'm also having on week after next!
u in kolej rite?

sWytiE pIe said...

gud luck for yur examzz :-)

mode said...

so no one of you getting coke eh?

Lavendergirl said...

ohhh.. this is so bad.. I saw this post just now.. :S

mode said...

why is this so bad lavendergirl?
i could be as dumb as anyone could be!