Wednesday, April 9, 2008

she came....

i was standing there.
staring at her as i always did.
she was in her usual black top and even blacker skirt.
and started walking towards me.
i thought i saw her smiling.
she came.
she slapped my face.
once then twice.
shouted at me.
cursed me.
then she turned and walked away.
my tears froze.
with the words stuck in my throats.


Lavendergirl said...

Oops!!!!! :\

mode said...

lavendergirl thats all you gotta say. oh migosh. :/

.mini said...

who did that to you? hama mini nikumedhaanan ingey valhi echis hifaigen emeehaa fahathun! [e dhogu ingey, im not that violent (a)]
shes so mean!

blinkgurl said...

Ohhh..O.o alheyyyyy... ehen hadhaakah nuvaane ennu ... :p

ie cco said...

dude.. when u said "she came" i got a totally differnt meaning and then when i saw ur post i cudnt help but lol keke

Lavendergirl said...

I have so much to say.. n I thought I won't say anything here..!!
I feel so sorry for u.. :S

mode said...

.mini i'll tell ya hide the knifes and swords first :p
blinkgurl okay okay making fun of me. *sniff sniff*
i-kko You, the mighty i-kko thinks this is funny.
lavendergirlokay dear see you on msn. i hav loads to tell ya.

thanks people. and im putting a fullstop to my fastasy chasin adventures. ^.^

aesha said...

@ arshy - kaley ves dho ...pis pis

aesha said...

HAHA! she is mean and bad. u cudve returned her slap with a slap

Marisela said...

Keep up the good work.