Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mad swiss guy

hello im busy doin an assignment. we have to decide whether a cognitive development theory by some mad Swiss guy is correct or its just a crap like what im writing here.
hehehe, you see. i dont like him so im thinking of disproving his theory. when i did some research, it seems he did his experiments on his children. and its too much of a generalisation.

Ps: If you must to know who im talkin about. go and google your self. well, im busy myself! O_0


Arkturus said...

experiments on his CHILDREN? O_O are we talking like... genetic experiments? ~_~ this guy sounds like a regular "mad scientist" type. >_> disprove it with all your might, mode! ^^ good luck.

btw, nice blog. i play to visit lots. :D

Lavendergirl said...

Best of luck in ur work..
Disprove it and come-up with ur own theory :D
and why did u say he did experiments on his children? :P

.mini said...

im too lazy to google :P
so tell me!

mode said...

arkturus eeeeeer! genetic experiments...?? he is not that mad i guesssss. he did some stupid experiments and said that all children thinks alike.
lavendergirl why did i say he did his experiments on his children? becoz he did. and im working on disproving his theory. neeed backup to my theory right?
.mini kihaaa reethi ulhumeh eh. if u are toooooo lazy to click here. cant help you! i giv up!

thankx guys!