Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hibernation mode

okay this blog is officially on hibernation mode.
dunno when will it be back.

sorry both kokky and marreee
for my stupidity about you know what. o_O
im just plain stupid most of the time.

See You all Buddies Here!!


Lavendergirl said...

mode abadhuves hibernation mode ga mihaaru thiulhenee :S
dhen avahah annaathi..

.mini said...

copy paste lavendery's comment

Anonymous said...

new goggles ey wear kurymatha hibernate vany? :-)

kaiza shozey said...

so its winter there huh? so how long does YOUR hibernation period last for?

mode said...

lavendergirl really i didnt know that!!! and here im now...
.mini and YOU started copycatting comments O_0
Anonymous(looks a certain two ppl) new goggles and hibernating? No relationship! Specs r necessary now days cos i hav to pretend that im really studyin *wink, wink*
kaiza shozey naah not that winter, but snow balls of assignments are fallin on to my head...and it seems you r an aussie now!!!!