Sunday, April 20, 2008

another madness!!!!

Don't try this at home. well, if you try, i don't take blames.
Ever wondered what happen when you replaced the mother geese and take up her place in the nest of the gosling's!
instead of doing this, like normal geese.

they opted for this. O_0

The guy in the mother-goose place is an Austrian naturalist Konrad Lorenz(1903-1989), he named this condition as Imprinting. if the mother goose was replaced by a human the tiny geese would treat him as mother and would spend rest of the life with humans; would prefer humans over geese. and this is true for other way around too. yikes!!!!

images stolen from here


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how can i try it at home? ^.^

Lavendergirl said...

*copy and paste .mini's comment here* :P

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