Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hibernation mode

okay this blog is officially on hibernation mode.
dunno when will it be back.

sorry both kokky and marreee
for my stupidity about you know what. o_O
im just plain stupid most of the time.

See You all Buddies Here!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

another madness!!!!

Don't try this at home. well, if you try, i don't take blames.
Ever wondered what happen when you replaced the mother geese and take up her place in the nest of the gosling's!
instead of doing this, like normal geese.

they opted for this. O_0

The guy in the mother-goose place is an Austrian naturalist Konrad Lorenz(1903-1989), he named this condition as Imprinting. if the mother goose was replaced by a human the tiny geese would treat him as mother and would spend rest of the life with humans; would prefer humans over geese. and this is true for other way around too. yikes!!!!

images stolen from here

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mad swiss guy

hello im busy doin an assignment. we have to decide whether a cognitive development theory by some mad Swiss guy is correct or its just a crap like what im writing here.
hehehe, you see. i dont like him so im thinking of disproving his theory. when i did some research, it seems he did his experiments on his children. and its too much of a generalisation.

Ps: If you must to know who im talkin about. go and google your self. well, im busy myself! O_0

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

she came....

i was standing there.
staring at her as i always did.
she was in her usual black top and even blacker skirt.
and started walking towards me.
i thought i saw her smiling.
she came.
she slapped my face.
once then twice.
shouted at me.
cursed me.
then she turned and walked away.
my tears froze.
with the words stuck in my throats.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

once up on in blogosphere...........

okay i admit i hav run out of ideas to update the bloggie... :/

once up on a time their lived a gal named i-kko and she came up with an idea of a chain-story.....in her blog....she gave the start and other bloggers continued it.
according to her;

"We are going to write a story of bloggerrrrzzz...
and yeah you could include fictional characters of your choice into it but MAINLY its about bloggers :)"

so im nicking i-kko's idea with out her permission for sole purpose of enlighting the dull(now days its dull) lives of all blog buddies out here...

so here is the beginning of the story....

"One rainy nite mode was walking as fast as he can and glancing over his shoulders each and every second. and suddenly........."

i guess thats all i can giv ya...continue the story as u wish. with the i-kko's conditions of course.
should mainly be of the bloggers......
include as many as bloggers u know...
and invite them to the story too...

ps: i-kko,you are very welcome to slap my face with a smelly dead fish when you can catch me =p

pic taken from here

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i dont

i dont like humans
i really dont wanna see others cry or laugh
i only need things that dont tell me what i should be doing and how
i need my space and silence
i need my freedom
i need to sleep as long as i wanted and i truely dont wanna any one to disturb me either
i hate when people i dont wanna know know me
i simply dont kno what im writing here and why im writing.

photo taken from here: i hate all