Monday, March 24, 2008


if i can see through you whats the point in seeing you again?


Anonymous said...

Not many people CAN see through me. Maybe seeing through me would give you a better understanding of just who I am, what I am made of......Maybe, just maybe, WE might have a chance of surviving.

I have not given up yet. Come, see through me.


mode said...

hiding behind a veil of name anonymous doesn't make you irresistible to anonymity, or does it?
lets have a deal, i dont posses extraordinary power. but may be as you said, i can see thru you!!!

shweetikle said...

u cant see thru me!

.mini said...

is seeing through a whole person the whole point?
there is nothing more to it?

mode said...

shweeeeet! xoxo is your trademark eh?
I thought i made it clear if i can. Didnt i? :p
.mini it depends on what you wanna see and why u wanna see some one. expand and exaggerate as you wish. theres no limit for the reference of one's view if he/she is not drawing the line of border.


Lavendergirl said...

You wanna see through me or what? ;)

hmm... If you want to see through someone to get positive things about him/her u will see only positive things.. and if u wanna see negative side.. u will see only the negative side..!! :|

mode said...

lavendergirl ye. if i didnt see neither positives nor negatives, what am i seeing in she/he? answer isnt that simple, is it?

mode said...

eer my mistake dere
that shud be
*if i did see...

shweetikle said...

hey! anonymous isnt meeeeee!!!

mode said...

Shweeeeet! yikes miss. but thats xoxo is urs ennu. heeehee some one stole it dho. okie dockie