Tuesday, February 26, 2008

oic! i hav been tagged

one can never breathe out here with being tagged!

one and only .mini tagged me!

and boy gotta do what a boy gotta do, so here it is....

A - Available?: for what kindaa i shud i ask u.

B-Best friend: i have got one special bestfriend. and loads of bestfriends too

C-Cake or Pie?: whats a pie any way? if thats the one Tom got on his face by Jerry then i think i prefer cake

D-Drink of choice: kurumba fani. kurumba fani dn lots of coke

E-Essential thing used everyday: eeer lots of thingies here what shud i write. my brain!!!!

F-Favourite colour: Black black black black and black!

G-Gummi bears or worms: hmmmm i like worms. bears wud knock me down but a worm wudn't

H-Hometown: Kulhudhuffushi

I-Indulgence: my square-headed gal friend(laptop) and my phone

J-January or February: what shud i have to do with the months ain?

K-Kids and names: thats one biggie secret. only to be revealed to certain special peoples. :p

L-Life: boring and most of the time useless!

M-Marriage date: 5 year from now i dink would be okay

N-Number of siblings: 3! one elder sister, one younger sister and one younger brother

O-Oranges or apples: orangessssssssssss! apples don't exist in this world.

P-Phobias: *thinking process started* aftr sometimes [fainted]

Q-Quote: Too much of anythin is good for nothing! (i didnt invent it, so u can breathe slowly now!)

R-Reason to smile: my parents, my family, my friends.....and lotsa reasons

S-Season: windy and lil amount of rain in the sky! but i hate rain too.

T-Tag three people: derangedgirl , lavendergirl and radvixen

U-Unknown fact about me: unknown unknowns are better kept that way or else it wud be a known unknown!

V-Vegetable you do not like: many, many i dunt bother writin them here! why shud i? eeer!

W-Worst habit: bugging others in most unexpectd situations with the most annoying ponders

X-x-rays you have had: i havent. and no plans to have one either

Y-Your favorite food: i hate foods it actually makes us vulnerable and dependent on it. i hate it! i hate it!

Z-Zodiac: Mine is leo-the lion. [roars, with ear deafening roars]

thanks .mini for taggin me. [bows]
why shud i wrote these thing eh! i must be mad and conky.


XefroX said...

heheheheh...nice try...hehe

.mini said...

hey we are x-ray less people!!
[bodu touch!]

foniboki said...

hey u from kfushi?
let me know ur bdate!

shweetikle said...

hehe foniboki! hehe lol
adih kfushi veema bdate tha balanvee! keke..pispis

i like what uve written abt the unknown fact :P

and i was wonderin, square headed gal frend? how dare you say that to her who ever she is!
hehe lol

nice ;)

btw, 5 years from now on? marriage? how old are you ehemma? :S sowy i asked ekams i cant help it! =\

blinkgurl said...

apples don't exist in this world?? O.o

mode said...

xefrox it seems u hav run outta comments!!! Thnx dude.
.mini [bodu touch] hmmm i think we migt evn be boneless...don't ya think so?
foniboki its not kfushi its kulhudhuffushi...and b'day is August 13. Thnx
shweeeeet! hmmm ironic thing. abt the unknowns dho. actually there are known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns and unknown unknowns...dont worry u would kno dat later....! then gal friend dho. its a she and i keep starin at her almost always. those lovely romantic looks u kno....
my age eeeeer! Dat would be xx yrs. still curious eh!
blinkgurl oh yea there are no apples in the world. if not dhn prove me.......

Thankingsss all dudes n dudettes. :P

foniboki said...

hey u mohd aly dho!
how re y doing there?

mode said...

foniboki it seems ur wild guess is far from being true. im not Mohd aly. i kno him n u too.

Lavendergirl said...

ur square headed girl friend? lol..
My boyfriend is square headed toO!! =D

shweetikle said...

so that means lavendergirl's boy frend andmode's girl frend is a perfect match! maybe u both gotta klet them go cx they are meant to be together! :P

and poor foniboki :P

mooode! yesh! im curious! xx is not an age!!!!

Lavendergirl said...

shweeeet!! XX is also a number...
Remember something called Roman numbers!! :P

foniboki said...

so you fooled me eh?
*scratches head*

mode said...

lavendergirl kekeke oh!
shweeeeet! hmmm but u know im selfish too. but when we meet again we will arrange that. :D
abt age refer to lavendergirl's sayin
lavendergirl exactly my point![winks at .mini]
foniboki oh come on bro. we would know each other in time.

Shaari said...

damn, just when i thought u were gonna choose pie instead of cake....u chose cake!!! no one (not even me) amongst those tagged has chosen pie yet...heheh

mode said...

and u thot im gonna chooose pie?
i have watched too many Tom & Jerry cartoons.
and as far as i have known im only the one whose chose worms over gummi bears!! :D