Monday, February 18, 2008

my experience

i think thats the third day in Male'. i was dead bored. and i was hopin one of my friend would come and rescue me. which never happened.
anyway i decided this is male' even if i get lost there would be a way back home atleast i can get a taxi. lol
so i started walking and was actually searching my faculty or the collegue. but i couldn't find either place. then i was thinking that i should go and check some cds shops or something.
but its then i started having a feeling that im being followed by some one. a middle aged lady came asked me. ''kokko konthaaka thi dhanee?'' oh heck! " i said " um . vaki thaaaka noon!"
but the next question caught me off guard. she asked me, "kokko anhen kujjaku beynuntha?"
i was like eeeer! i asked, "keekey?"
she said again stressing "kokko anhen kujjaku 'beynun' hey?"
i turned around started walking away from her.
and thats the third day in Male'. and was thinking "heck yeah. this is the Male'.


Anonymous said...

thi a ee male aa dhinvana dhuvas thaaey kuriah othee kithah dhuvash baaey

Lavendergirl said...

If u were me..I would say yes to see what she does! ;)

.mini said...

pis pis

shweetikle said...

i agree with lavendergirl ;)
adhi majalee anheneh eheema! lol

blinkgurl said...

hehe... dhuniyeyga ulhey iru ekahala meehunaa ves dhimaavaane.. :P

lavendergirl buni hen aanekey buni nama vaa gotheh balan . hehe


mode said...

anonymous cant wait for it buddy! but i dont like Male'.its borinnnnnng!
lavendergirl hmmm u stay there and gimme such nice ideas! and i would do as u said next time.
.minihmmmm i swear this is 100%, truest of true.
shweeeeet! aan! i was eeer! oh eeer! yikes! phew!
blinkgurl hmmm u sure i'll say yes next time! i will make headlines nexttime :P

and thnx ppppppplll!

ie cco said...

next time remember to say yes :P

bulhaa said...


my god...

aesha said...

gudness gracious!

dont say yes to that women..hoo knows what mite hapen next! fahathun dhooves nukohfaane:P

mode said...

i-kko eeeer! u guys makin me uncomfortable here!
ps: i-kko alhugandu ge nikamethi blog ganda emme kudaminun ikhthiraamuge ziyaarathe ves nukure ennu. That goes to bulhaa too. [deravefa]
bulhaa o.O u came. me glad!
aesha atlast a gal who really can think! Aan ekey ma fahathun emeeha alhaa gathyma maa thaahire nuvaane viyya! :P