Thursday, January 10, 2008

sms jaaadhoooo

do you think a nearly failed relationship on its deathbed
can be rekindled by a simple mere sms?
believe or not it did and created havoc between three persons i know!
oh boy!


Hammett said...

u never know, how powerful a word or a few cud be.. whatever medium used... :)

Lavendergirl said...

sms jaadhoo dho!
It can even break strong relationships..

shweetikle said...


ie cco said...

yeah sms jaadhoo...
its powerful!

mode said...

Hammett may be...but the situation here is so a so weird.
lavendergirl really.. i wouldnt called that strong if a single stupid sms can shatter it like glass... call me stupid i woudnt bother.=P
shweeeeet!what?? caught u off guard???

Thnx guyx
PS:i totally refuse to giv any more details about this. far too sensitive i think.=\

mode said...

i-kko oh ya like we can marry thru sms in no time