Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Most people would hav guessed by now (save stupidity of some people) i love the my template......and i won't change because the IE have a problem with that.

I have tried to play with html and css codes in the template but since i dunno much about them i ended up in no luck.
So only solution i can give to my visitors is to use Mozilla Firefox to browse(Oooh does anyone bother to install Firefox to view my bloggie).

Anyway the Mozilla Firefox is the best browser I knew.

I'm not a Computer expert or anything. I'm sharing just some thing i know and thats because that it allows you to view my blog as it is.

So you need to install the Firefox.
Simple and easy

Download the setup file from here and then save it in the desktop/any folder you wish.
Then double click the setup file and then follow the instruction from the wizard.
You will be guided through out the installation.
Simple isn't it?

But sometimes its not as it seems. Oh yes. Without the Administrator rights if you try to install you will get a error message of some thing like this.Hold it. No need to curse me yet.
Actually you have been prevented from writing in to C: / or what ever drive the program files are written in usually. All you have to do is change the drive / or what ever drive.... to some folder that u can write files into, so that it Firefox can write necessary files and complete the installation. Under limited account you have been given your personalized desktop, my documents and so... I usually use desktop.
To do that.
First click OK in the above error message and click browse from right.

Then click Desktop and then Make new folder and rename it to "Mozilla Firefox".
And click Ok and then press Next.
You have installed Firefox in a limited account i.e without admin rights.
Then you can hide the folder in the desktop. And put a shortcut in the start menue too.
And if visit a website like the plugin finder service from the firefox allows you to install latest adobe Flash player too. So now you can watch Youtube videos.

Now visit , now you would see the blog without it being congested.

If this doesn't work for you let me know.
PS: This trick works for WinRAR, VLC player and some other programs too.


.mini said...

hehe saabas
Firefox alhaa dheefa dhen thiothee :P
i don't think anyone uses internet explorer these days anyway

Lavendergirl said...

haadha rangalhey dhen firefox alhaane link eh fonuveema..
Im using opera n I love using it! =)
I havent tried firefox yet! alhe testakah balaalaanan ehaa varah kiyaadhineema dhen! ;)

Dr Abdulla Niyaf said...

I've buried IE. I use Firefox on my work PC and Opera on the laptop.

Anonymous said...

firefox rox

mode said...

.mini aan dhn mivarun meeehaku firefox alhaaneee :p
lavendergirl migothaka Opera eh neylhey inghe..test kuraaathi n lemme kno. But u dont hav to follow my instruction cos u havin admin rights.
Dr Abdulla Niyaf Gud for u. And thnku very much doc. U r a very dedicated doc i must say!
AnonymousIE sucks and firefox rox...