Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bye Bye...*sniff, sniff*

Ello 'vry one.

Im mooody and homesick already. Don't feel like updating this bloggie either. I dunno how i would be living away from my family for three years. how im going make on time for classes without my mom or sis calling me in every five mins. how im gonna survive without my moms roshi and mashuni. how im going to spend my day without my nephew buggin me with his ponders. and without my lil bro's smart answers. or with out dad giving me haircuts. for whole long threee years. how. im almost in tears now. so im stopping here.

This is might be the last time i can visit this bloggie in a month or so.
and for these days i dunno when or how i would be able to get internet.
All these things happening because there is this lil change in my life.

Im moving myself to Male' for three long years. yeah three looooooong years i say.
How i would be able to update my bloggie or visit any of blog buddies that remains a mystery i should solve.
Hav fun guyz i won't be bugging you or writing snide comments in your bloggies.*sniff, sniff*


Lavendergirl said...

this post made me cry.. just reminds me of the days I was in ur situ!
I thought I cant manage anything by myself! But today Im glad that I came here.. I can manage things by myself.. :)
I know its hard to move away from family..
But Don't think negative part of it.. just think positive.. inshaAllah everything will be alright!!

And please don't quit blogging.. you are a great blogger!! atleast post something when you can.. ingey!
Best of luck in ur studies..

Ameer said...

Hope you will be back. Gud luck dude!

shweetikle said... mish your thuweeth thuweeth commentzzzz!
and ur cool posts!
and btw, where were u staying before? in ur island, is it?
dhen male' ais ves blog kuraanee ey! there are many many many ways ennu!
technology dude!
good luck! ^.^
see ya =D

blinkgurl said...

Life isn't hard. Life isn't always "fair". Life is wat it is and nothing more. If u chose to make it hard then it is. If u chose to go with the flow, life is much easier.

Think positive for a change.

sharafuthu said...

yo man.. im not crying y bcoz im hapy bcoz u r leaving its good fo me thanks to u for leaving but onething mr.mode still u r not giving farewell ill kikck u nothing wen i go to male // k k man y ur worrying u knw that i spent morethan 6yrs without family for u its 3 man so wot to worry. furathama hafuthaa anenhen higaidhaane dhen k vaane.. anenkaa group meehun othee male ga eennu dho only me is left ill join u guys in march dhen we will do masti eheheh :P blogbuddies menaa dhmaa nuvias k mashaa dhimaa vaannu dho foanun do man emeehun bai thinbaa new chapter eh feshuniyye dho ey mode dhiyumuge urin keun dheyn hdhaan kurey ehehn nuneeeeee hama male gosh felaa laane ingey.................
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! May Allah Bless u and give good health and wealth!!


ie cco said...

ain :S

.mini said...

mooodee!! don't go! you'll be able to survive, just count the days and tandaa! three years will go just like that..

i hope you will come back to blogging