Friday, January 11, 2008


been trying to make an inventory.
the place is been without one for ten years.
and so far three different person had worked here, tried to make one and to my utter-most surprise... failed!

but when started to doing the real work
the earlier wonder has vanished!
because its far too easy to start the work
but it requires an extraordinary amount of will power to finish one.
that i think i'm missing like the previous guys who worked here.


ie cco said...

u can do anythn u put yor mind into =) jst try

Hammett said...

Nothing is easy when you start from scratch... put effort n u'd be surprised what you cud do. you've got it... don't give up on something you started.. cheers!!

yellowbanana said...

u came, u finished the inventry and you leave the place. You'll be remembered for your inventry skills. May be one day u'll ge aaamu hidhumathu ge hivvaru dhinumuge inaamu. Definitely I will award u Boduthakurufaanuge dhoonihifaa malhi-fathi plaque. Congra!

mode said...

i-kko oh im definitely tryin ...hhhheheh
hammettya buddy..i'll do my best..
maldivian mosaic ya actually thats the idea..and gettin the aamu khidumathuge hiyyvaru dhinumuge inaamu and Boduthkurufaanuge dhoonihifaa malhi-fathi is quite another thing. i will wait and seeeee.....

thnx all u guys here...