Monday, December 10, 2007


This weird thing happened to me.

There was this very close two friends. They studied together and fortunately (or unfortunately) they happened to work together as well. The girl was very quite and keeps most to herself but they shared a lot so they became even closer. Cute!

_After three years_
Then came me as usual to the picture. By then the girl has got a scholarship(actually i came for her replacement) and was ready to leave. She doesn't use computer very much but she wants make an email address. So I created it for her then she made me promised not to give any body the mail address. I promised. She gave the mail address to her friend and her boy friend only.

She left after a week to abroad for her scholarship. We chatted regularly for a few weeks. Then slowly she started avoiding us. Or at least thats what I thought. Her friend also thought the same way. And in no time she totally ignored us. Never seen online. Or never replied back.

And one of our colleague asked me to give her mail add. I turned him down by saying that I have lost it. But her friend was really pissed off what she did to us and gave the add.

The following day she mailed me and asked me to get online that night. That night she told me that our colleague has added her to contacts and was bugging her. I gave only solution I know, thats blocking. She told me that her boy friend was very angry of what happened. [Actually she was accusing me playing dirty]. I told her that I didn't give her add to any one. Then she said she believe me.
How can I tell her that its her only friend who broke the promise? I just couldn't. And I know she wouldnt believe me even If I did.
After this little talk I havent chatted her. I have sent few mails but didnt get reply.

_11 months later_
Yesterday I saw her on the road. I was suprised.
But not because I didn't expect to see her soon.
Its the fact that she acted as if I am stranger when I tried to talk her.


PemPeNeyNo AnEsThEyShiYa said...

wooaahh!! wat a post!! but i loved reading it.. well.. some are like that dho.. it happens..

ie cco said...

hisaabahvure fonee dho dhen ebbai meehun hehe

.mini said...

maybe she didn't recognize you
or somebody got into her head


XefroX said...

thats what i call "kuhlhavah falu ranin"

mode said...

D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> =hmmm i think so,BTW I published this post read it once then reloaded to see ur comment. heheh. U quick dhoa.
I-kko =aan ehn kaneynge mi vanee.
.mini =ya but i tried to talk to her. and she acted as u kno...
XefroX =yep may be. But her and her friend are on good terms. So im happy
THnK yOU gUYs.

Anonymous said...

beyrah koaha dhevuneema foni bodu vee.

Lavendergirl said...

Thats nathing new dho.. eyna ignore kuranya mode ves ignore kureema ok vaane.. eyna baahvan beynun noon friendship eh nubeyvveyne dho