Saturday, December 22, 2007


Its been too long without rainin here. If my brain is thinking straight(warning: rarely it does)then its been more than six months without raining. And after all these months at last my prayer came true.
But you know what happened to me!

I bought a shoe (dunno the exact word,there are varieties of those i guess) a month ago. Its nice and comfy. I don't have problem with it.

Till it started to stink when it got soaked with rain. when i mean stinky it really means one hell of stinky that you guys would punch your own nose [oooucccch!] when u got the smell from yards away.
I don't have another shoe. And i cant keep it near my room. The room fills with the stinkiness in two seconds flat.
So I bought a new simple sandals after i have been stuck in the home for say 5 hours. How can i go and buy another one wearin that one, right?


PemPeNeyNo AnEsThEyShiYa said...

lol.. ehenney vaanee!! kobaa!! ;p

blinkgurl said...

hehe... alhe dhen.. eythi laigen gos ves ganevidhaane nu.. evaru kameh tha? =p

derangedgirl said...

why don't u send someone to get a pair of shoes for you?

mode said...

D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> eyo what did i do to deserve this?? im clueless!
blinkgurl o ya i tend to attract extraordinary stares from people[lik im new bein sent to earth]. and dats with out a stinky shoe. its a horror to think abt ur solution.
derangedgirl thats wat i did in the end but u see i hav this lovely bro who wud do anythin besides wat i ask him to do!

thankx u all!