Thursday, December 6, 2007

Male trip

Yeah I didnt update blog for ages dhoa.
I was busy and was away for a while.
I kno dat u dont like kno wat I was upto in dhese days but wat the heck dhoa its my blog.
First came the TAM telecom fare and I had to be dere to do this and that.
And I did take lots of photos(dont get ur hopes up cos I wont publish those pics).
And when the fair is ovr dhen came these vouchers cos some old man wants to get elected again and poor fellows like me has to suffer.

And I had to go to Male' [winks] for the first time in my life.
Actually its da [groans] worst of all you can think of.

I went Male' on the Saturday morning and then got on a ferry and went to HulhuMale' spent the rest of the day and night there.
Then came back to Male' on Sunday morning.

Went straight to MCHE students services dhen got a token waitd for an hour to get a nice reply "thi couhuge javaab libeyneee menduru fahu 1 ge fahun" And then they put a notice saying that.
Nice public service.

So we went to take a breakfast and came back around 1 to see that almost all the token taken and we got 196.
So we bought cokes waited for 3 hrs to get even better answer. Cos they closed the place by 3:30. And when we complaind the girl in the reception told us that actually answers are not ready yet and we better come back the following day and by then the answers would be available. Now I was down by a welcoming fever[shivers] and a headache. So I stayed in a friends house and didn't bother to go anywhere.

We again went back the following morning(it was raining cats and dogs evn bangaalhees too) around 9:45. And then she(the gal in the reception- didnt tell her name when we askd) said "jaavaab thayyaaru nuveye adhi eh. iru kolhaku madu kollavva". And after an hour or so she said its not possible to finish dat day. So she suggested a very good solution; that I can give the slip to another person and he can take the answer.

And by then to stay in Male' is becoming more and more difficult; so I had no choice but to take the solution reception-gal gave. So I took flight that night and came to Hanimaadhoo around 12:30. No way to get kulhudhuffushi that night. I had to stay in Hanimaadhooo that night(thnx to shara cox he gave this fellow a place to stay).

And around 10:00 my friend called me to say that he got the answer and it said admission comittee decided that I was not applicable for the course blah blah What the HEck?
I was shocked cos some my friends got the placement and if they got placement judgin on their merits why the heck shouldn't I?

And when I complained about how they select applicants then after 10 mins or something they said that they didn't recieve my olevel results. BUT I RECEIVED A SLIP SAYING THAT I HAVE SUBMITTED ALL THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS FOR THE APPLICATION.

Then I called my friend who works in Campus, she said that everything was submitted. And when she inquired about this from MCHE they say they haven't issued any answer by a writting or means for the applicants of the course. BUT I HAVE A WRIITING WITH THE REGISTRAR'S SIGNATURE. But they said that I might be lying.

When a blogger friend of mine inquired about these, arranged so that I can fax my olevel results then they said that they have found some errors in the process and a rechecking in going on and will issue the answers on Sunday. But they already have issued results for some applicants. I dunno what they are gonna do. Wish me goood luck buddies.

A whole hearted thnkx to the blogger friend because if he didn't help me I wouldnt be able to fax my olevel results and he didnt help me i dunno what I could have done. Thnx to Shara n thom a lot. And a special thnkx mafax.
Adam, xiu, salaaam ah ves dhn Leonado Da vinci ah ves hehhehe

So how is my first trip to Male' eh?

edit: 8:30pm
They called me to my mobile and told me that the earlier letter was a terrible mistake. Actually I was in for the course so send some one over there to collect the REAL one on Sunday.


XefroX said...

wat to say dho..anyways gud that u got it..cheers

lavendergirl said...

haalehga ulhelaifin dho..hehe
Anyway congrats mode, I knew that you will get the course..

I hope you gonna give me a treat soon =)

PemPeNeyNo AnEsThEyShiYa said...

pis pis thi hama sunrise a ves furathama v varu.. haalegga ulhen jehey thane thi.. student service! i just hate to go there! but wat to do.. tomorrow i'm going there to get my graduation forms.. nice post!!

bulhaa said...

whew! wat a story. glad it turned out allright in the end :)

ie cco said...

whoa... hehe
anyways glad that u got it and good luck =)

mode said...

xefrox thnx bro
lanvendergal treats dho hmm hmm echche dhevey hisaaaba aiee ma ennu dhoa.
D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> hmm famoUse student services. I dunno wat'll happen next three yrs if the place stinks this much. Thnx
bulhaa atlast i got a comment from ya. thnx.
i-kko thnx thnx .I think i nyd many good lucks to get some thing from this MCHE.